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More information on Jargonfly

More information on Jargonfly, how to sync from Google Docs to Asana.

Google Docs and Asana

If you’re like most business professionals, you rely on Google Docs and Asana to help you stay organized and productive. Both applications are versatile and user-friendly, making them best in class for many different fields.

Integrating Google Docs and Asana for task creation has been problematic in the past, it’s a tedious process of copying and pasting tasks from Google Docs to Asana. This wastes time and is error prone.

With the Jargonfly Google Workspace Add-On, you can automatically sync all your tasks from Google Docs to Asana in just minutes. This means less time wasted on manual tasks and more time for what’s important.

These links are bi-directional, meaning you can click on the task in Google Docs and go directly to the task in Asana and in Asana there is a link in the description back to the Google Doc. You will never wonder about the context of a task again.

Stop wasting time and start syncing tasks with the Jargonfly Google Workspace Add-On. Our easy-to-use tool will automate the process for you, so you can focus on what’s important.

Three easy steps

  1. Create an account on Jargonfly.
  2. Under settings use Oauth to authenticate your Jargonfly account with Asana.
  3. Install the Jargonfly Google Workspace Add-on.